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Organizing your Home and Family for a Stress Free Life

Stress is going to happen to us all regardless of the measures we take the prevent it. However, those who have an organized home and family structure tend to deal with these inevitable setbacks more easily than those who do not. This is mainly because organization is much like an insurance policy on the home. Ultimately, it gives family members the ability to get things accomplished without losing their minds in the process.

Use Family Postings for Group Communication

There is nothing wrong with using your professional skills in the house, especially if you want to streamline things to reduce your stress. At work you probably see poster boards of one type or another broadcasting important announcements and such. This is what helps keep all the coworkers toiling away in unison. The same can be said about your home if you use the same thing. Family postings allow you to keep everyone on the same page without having to micromanage every move that is made in the house.

Have Regular Family Meetings

As a stress free and happy family you all need to know about one another’s lives. You need to learn about schedules, troubles, aspirations, and the like in regards to your family members. Just like you hold a conference to catch everyone up to speed at work, you should do the same at home. Having regular family meetings allows you to fix problems before they get out of hand because it gives your loved ones an open forum to speak their mind.

Remember the 5-Minute Rule

Living life might end up being a messy endeavor but cleaning up after yourself can be easier than you think. An organized homes is a happier and more productive one, but it does take some work. Remember the 5-minute rule: five minutes at the end of an activity can save you hours of time and labor later. For starters, have everyone pick up their messes at the end of the day. It usually only takes about 5 minutes per person and the whole house will be back to normal in no time.

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