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About the Author

Hello, my name is Fabio Vasquez and welcome to Fire Your Stress!

I am a production engineer, graduated since 1999, with postgraduation in marketing management and oil & gas industry and master degree in business management. Since then, I’ve almost always worked (and still work) in offices of large companies, having dealt with many industries – mobile telephony, mobile internet, health plans and oil & gas industry.
Now you might be wondering: what the hell a production engineer is doing with a website about stress?

Come on, I know it… I can see it on your face… 😉

Just think about that: if you have been looking for sites or sources of information about stress and its effects, have you noticed that the vast majority of them have the point of view of a doctor, psychologist and/or therapist (I have doctors in my family, so, I know a little bit how itworks)? Of course those points of view are extremely solid and help a lot in our quality of life. However, we often ask for their advice when stress is at its peak, to the point of making us sick or even making us lose our sanity – in extreme cases, stress, depression and/or anxiety makes us take actions that could harm (or even end) the rest of our lives.

Do we need to get that far?

How about seeing the point of view of someone who LIVES a, sometimes, very stressful life? Lots of complex jobs with very strict deadlines, coworkers that are not always collaborative, leaders in their moments of bad mood… – you get the picture. Someone who, like most people, also has to deal with a life out of work, has to solve issues at home or with family, bills to pay, etc. and still manages to keep a fairly reasonable quality of mental life.
(ok, some friends may wonder about my sanity, but that’s another story… 😉 )

There’s one VERY important thing you should understand: we will ALWAYS go through stressful situations in our life, no matter how calm and prepared we are. There are so many situations that can take us out of our comfort zone (believe me, building this site was one of them for me…). So my proposal is not to help you have a life without stress. My proposal is to help you deal with stress in a constructive way, to improve your quality of life. The focus is not just on meditation and relaxation, but also in other practical solutions that can relieve the stress of daily life. Examples:

    • The source of stress may be a financial problem. So, how about a plan to reduce costs?

    • Another source of stress can be too much work in your hands. How about some tips to be more productive or to use your time better?

That’s why I built this website.

So, I invite you to know it and explore it. Check the articles, tips, products, everything with one purpose in mind: helping you deal with stress and fire it. Besides, check the top of the site and, after providing just your name and an e-mail, you will receive even more tips about how to deal with something that is considered one of the greatest modern diseases. Stress and its effects are not to be taken lightly. They are serious conditions, powerful enough to harm your quality of life if you do not pay attention.

There’s where I come in to help you.

I wish you a great and stress-free life.
Fabio Vasquez (Fabio VP).

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